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Biodac® Features & Benefits

The Biodac dust-free granular carrier is a cleaner solution from formulation to application and provides formulators, applicators, and end users the following proven performance benefits.

Manufacturing & Formulation Benefits

Easy delivery and storage

  • Available in bulk railcar, bulk truck, and by standard truck in one-ton tote bags
  • Packaged in tote bags for easy global shipment in overseas containers

Easy to move and transfer in production

  • Retains full product integrity in process – doesn’t break down or disintegrate
  • Remains dust free in processing

Easy to process

  • No density variations
  • Easy, efficient mixing and blending
  • No additional drying needed
  • Significantly reduces waste and waste-handling costs

Easy to package

Works with all established industry packaging
  • No bag set
  • No product compression in the bag

Easy to assay

Assays correctly and consistently at the lowest industry levels


  • Available in five US mesh sizes
  • The five sizes available cover virtually all industry applications
  • Compatible with all different types of active ingredients

Application Benefits


  • Outstanding particle sizing and distribution
  • Excellent ballistics
  • Eliminates the need to “over formulate”
  • Significantly reduces manufacturing costs

Highly absorbent

  • A liquid holding capacity of 18% by weight
  • Excellent release traits – can be formulated to accelerate or slow down release

Easy to Apply

Works with all industry application equipment

Environmental Stewardship Benefits of Biodac

  • Biodac is the only true inert carrier that is OMRI Listed – suitable for organic use
  • Made from 100% post-consumer waste material
  • Keeps thousands of tons of waste material out of landfills each year
  • 100% biodegradable – breaks down into naturally occurring soil elements
  • EPA inert certified as “paper” and Listed by Trade Name (Biodac®) with the EPA
  • Not regulated under California Prop. 65
  • Excellent resistance to attrition for clean processing, minimal exposure with no drift

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